Freediving Competitions

Freediving Gold Coast Club runs a number of regular freediving competitions or what we call mini-competitions because of their informal and small group format throughout the year.  We think the main advantages of freediving competitions are:

  • Having fun and meeting other athletes from the growing world freediving community.
  • Helping freedivers set personal challenges in their freediving training to motivate themselves to test their own limits.
  • Helping freedivers learn the international competition rules of AIDA.
  • Providing valuable competition experience for freedivers who wish to challenge themselves against other freedivers in Australia and overseas.
  • Finding naturally talented freedivers, as part of our talent identification program,  who with appropriate training, might become the next Australian Champion to challenge the best freedivers in the world.

The following is the freediving competition schedule for Freediving Gold Coast Club for 2018:

10th June 2018 Freediving Gold Coast Club Static Mini Competition.

21st to 22nd July 2018 Freediving Gold Coast Club Depth Competition in Panglao Philippines.

9th September 2018 Freediving Gold Coast Club Dynamic Mini Competition.

Other freediving competitions in Australia and surrounding countries are:

3rd to 4th March 2018 Singapore Open Freediving Competition (Pool competition at Singapore Sports School, Singapore)

9th to 12th March 2018 South Australian Freediving Challenge (Pool; Adelaide Australia).

14th to 17th March 2018 Freediving New Zealand Depth Nationals (Depth; New Zealand).

11th to 13th May Australian Pool National Championships in Sydney Australia.

September 2018 Freediving New Zealand Pool Nationals (Pool; New Zealand) – dates to be verified.

October 2018 4th Hong Kong Freediving Competition (Pool ; Hong Kong) – dates to be verified.

October 2018 ID Apnea Competition 2018 (Pool; Indonesia) – dates to be verified.