Carbon Freediving Fins


Carbon Freediving Fins

  • We sell Leaderfins in pure carbon.
  • They are one of the few freediving fins in the world that come in a large range of foot sizes suitable for both females and males.
  • The foot pockets are made from soft and comfortable EPDM rubber.
  • Blade length is a standard 80cm.
  • Blade angle is 20 degrees (to help in streamlining).
  • An optional scratch resistant film protector can be added to either side of your fins but please note that this adds to stiffness.
  • We recommend all people to choose the “soft” option regarding stiffness unless particularly strong or larger. The trend in freediving is towards softer blades.
  • All Leaderfins have a one year warranty on materials.
  • Free postage for all locations in Australia.. We do not ship overseas. But please allow 7 to 21 days delivery time (this depends on what options you choose).
  • We sell all sizes of Leaderfins Pure Carbon with the soft blade in our store (by appointment only).


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Pure Carbon Leaderfins










Best Value Carbon Fins in Australia.

We think the Pure Carbon Leaderfins are the best value carbon fins in Australia. If you are considering upgrading to carbon fins, or simply want to take advantage of the benefits of carbon, then these fins deserve serious consideration. Carbon fins are lighter and more efficient than either plastic or fibreglass fins. In general you will get more propulsion with less effort with carbon fins. We strongly encourage all potential buyers of this fin to go with soft stiffness rather than the medium and certainly the hard stiffness.  The trend in freediving is a softer blade.  Unfortuantely there are no universal standards of what is a soft blade or a medium blade and stiffness varies between manufactureers. As a result we stock all sizes of the soft stiffness of the Pure Carbon Leaderfinis in our store.