Welcome to the Ultimate Freediving School

Freediving Gold Coast is the premier recreational freediving school in south east Queensland with weekly freediving courses and freediving training in both the pool and ocean from depths of 5 metres to 40 metres. What sets freediving apart from many sports is that you can’t hide behind physical movement and therefore freediving more closely reflects your mental state. If you are tense, stressed, tired, or simply finding it difficult to concentrate then your breath hold times will be affected. Of course all physical sports involve a mental component if not extreme degrees of concentration and other mental attributes in elite sport. But what sport involves doing nothing it appears but simply holding your breath? Do it now. Hold your breath for 30 seconds. What happens? You will  become aware of your body and what parts are tense and relaxed. You will become aware of your thoughts – all of them. If something is bothering you it will be there. But then as breath hold increases another voice will start to appear, first in the periphery, but will start to invade consciousness. “I must breath”.  “I have to breathe”.  We start to feel anxious. Of course, here comes the choice, or decision if you like. “Do I breathe now?”  Even this seemingly involuntary need to breathe we can exercise choice over. We do not need to act on our impulses. We can remain calm. This is the essence of freediving. This is the essence of life.

Now imagine what it might be like in the cool, refreshing but weightless environment of water . 1 metre underwater? 5 metres underwater?  10 metres underwater? 20 metres underwater? Are you ready for the ultimate challenge? The ultimate experience?