Pool Freediving Courses

Freediving Gold Coast has pool equivalents for all ocean courses. In other words it is possible to achieve certification in freediving to pool level for Intro Freediver, Ocean Freediver and Advanced Ocean Freediver. To achieve certification at these levels it is necessary to successfully complete both the theory and pool components of the respective levels. Normally students enrol for the full course but if they do not pass the ocean course students have two options. The first option is to return for a second ocean day to attempt to complete the ocean skills. Freediving Gold Coast charges $95 for a second ocean day to help students confidently pass a course.

Alternatively, a student can accept certification to the level that they have already achieved. For example, if a student passes the theory and pool components of the Ocean Freediver Course but does not pass the ocean or open water requirements then it is possible to achieve the AIDA 2 Pool certification from AIDA. If the student was not successful at completing both the pool and open water requirements then they could be certified at the AIDA 1 level.

It is possible for a student at the time of their enrolment to set a goal of only doing the theory and pool components of the course. Under the AIDA certification system this is as follows:

AIDA 1 Introduction to Freediving

AIDA 2 Pool Freediver

AIDA 3 Advanced Pool Freediver

AIDA 4 Master Pool Freediver

If you are interested in one of these courses, please enquire before enrolling as there would be discounts on the advertised prices since you don’t need to complete the ocean or open water requirements. One of the advantages of freediving with Freediving Gold Coast is access to a 5 metre deep pool at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre. This gives the opportunity for a freediving student to try many of the skills of freediving in a very controlled and safe environment. Presently our Intro Freediver course certifies a student to AIDA 2 Pool Freediver on successful completion of the theory and pool requirements. This is a stepping stone to completion of the Ocean Freediver course – simply a day out on our boat practicing the ocean skills to meet AIDA performance criteria for AIDA 2 Freediver.