Freediving Neck Weight Workshop


Freediving Neck Weight Workshop

  • Freediving Gold Coast Club Members and members of our High Performance Coaching (HPC) Program are welcome to attend our freediving neck weight workshops.
  • These workshops often follow the HPC Term dates and are offered during Term 1 and / or Term 3. Specific dates of availability are offered through our private WhatsApp groups.
  • Bookings made online.
  • In these workshops you will learn to handcraft your neck weight for your neck size, body weight and wetsuit thickness.
  • Ideal for getting neutral buoyancy in the pool for dynamic training and competitions.
  • Ideal for ocean diving and competitions, especially during free falling and often eliminates the need of a weight belt for better streamlining.
  • Available in a choice of black, red, green and blue.
  • Weight is provided by fine lead shot in a rubber tube and protected by a heavy duty UV protected sheath for greater longevity, and security (it won’t break easily or leak).
  • The freediving neck weight is flexible and will not damage pool surfaces if accidentally dropped.
  • Generally, add 4 cm to your neck circumference measurement to determine appropriate neck weight circumference (remember to allow for your wetsuit thickness with a hood). Alternatively, use a flexible tape measure to measure where you would like the neck weight to be. This latter measurement will be the inner circumference of the neck weight.


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Freediving Neck Weight Workshop

Freediving neck weights are essential for perfect buoyancy for freediving in the pool or ocean. While weight on a freediving belt might help in keeping the lower half of your body aligned in the water, freediving neck weights help in achieving neutral buoyancy for your entire body to ensure all force from your kicking propels your horizontally in the pool or vertically in the ocean and no crucial energy is wasted in correcting body movements outside the direction of momentum. These workshops are available to Freediving Gold Coast Club members and members of our term-based High Performance Coaching Program (HPC).

Black Freediving Neck Weight

Red Neck Freediving Weight

Blue freediving neck weight in preparation for a 62m CWT.