Freexperience Nose Clips


Freexperience Nose Clips have the following qualities:

    • Made from durable light weight plastic called a “polyamide”. .
    • Choose from a range of colours: blue, red,  black and yellow.
    • Ideal for pool or ocean freediving.
    • 40cm yellow lanyward with locking mechanism
    • Nosepiece a[proximately 10g (clip only).
    • Ideal for small to medium noses.
    • Free regular postage for all locations in Australia (for orders under 500g weight).


  • Please choose your nose clip colour:


Important Considerations When Purchasing a Freediving Nose Clip

  • Can you try it on in the water first? We are afraid to say that after trying many freediving nose clips and selling many varieties it is almost a case of try before you buy. Noses seem to come in many sizes and shapes and getting the right one can be a case of trial and error if you can’t try one on in the water first.
  • The main issue is whether the freediving nose clip fits your nose and you can equalise effectively with that nose clip.
  • A secondary issue is how streamlined is the nose clip.
  • Freediving nose clips are made from 4 different materials: aluminium, plastic, carbon and titanium. In general, titanium is more durable and more expensive than carbon nose clips. Freediving nose clips made of plastic in the early days and certain brands were not that durable. This no longer appears to be a problem.
  • Generally there seems to be a trend towards lighter and stronger material but we don’t think weight is that noticeable or an issue. For example, carbon/titanium nose clips can weigh 8 to 9 grams, plastic nose clips can weigh 10 to 15g, and aluminium around 13g. The main issue is whether it fits your nose and you can equalise effectively.
  • Freediving nose clips have different shaps for the part that squeezes against a diver’s nose. They can  be oval shaped, round shaped, football shaped, or even mermaid tail shaped. Again, the issue is whether it fits your nose and you can equalise effectively.
  • Generally, freediving nose clips use pads to cushion the part on the nose. Nose pads can be made of plastic, rubber or nothing. The latter type of nose clips have a rough texture on the noseclip to stick to the nose. Nose clip pads can deteriorate over time. We have found an easy replacement for our aluminium nose clips to be squash handle tape. We have also tried self-adhesive neoprene rubber from stores such as Clark Rubber.
  • A final determining factor is whether the freediving nose clip has a lanyard that has a locking mechanism to adjust the length of the nose clip lanyard to prevent loss in the water. It should not be too long. There is no need to have unnecessary cord hanging between you nose and your neck. Our nose clips range from 33cm (Ultimate Aluminium), Freexperince (40cm) and 45cm (Octopus).
  • If you come to one of our courses you have the opportunity of trying on three different freediving nose clips in the pool.