Freediving Weights – Ultimate Freediving – Black PVC Coated


Ultimate Freediving – PVC Coated Weights – Black

Have you ever not been allowed to train in public pool due to having the wrong type of weights? The Ultimate Freediving – PVC Coated Weights in Black provide the perfect solution to freediving in public pools. Most public pools require freedivers to have their weights covered to reduce any possible damage to pool facilities. The benefits of purchasing our weights are:

  • Cost effective – These weights can be worn in both the pool and ocean which means that you don’t have to buy both uncovered and covered weights.
  • Fit well to belts – These PVC weights are made from 100% lead with a PVC coating and fit well on rubber and silicone freediving weight belts.
  • Streamline – We sell freediving weights (covered) in both 0.5kgs and 1kg. We recommend purchasing the smaller, lighter weights over the heavier weights to create less drag during your dives.
  • Attractive – Black PVC
  • Special discounts apply to students on our freediving courses (This can’t be used in conjunction with any other promotion).
  • In store pick up only. Please phone to arrange pick up.