High Performance Freediving Coaching


High Performance Freediving Coaching Program

The High Performance Freediving Coaching program is 2 days per week on a Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6.30 to 7.30pm for a 10 week term. It is about helping ALL freedivers, from beginners to advanced, to reach their full breath hold and underwater swimming potential through specific fitness training, technique correction and regular safe practice in a small class format.


1.The High Performance Freediving Coaching program consists of 10 weeks per term with 4 terms per year. Each term will follow the Queensland school calendar:

  • Term 1: 28/1/21 to 1/4/21
  • Term 2: 20/4/21 to 24/6/21
  • Term 3: 13/7/21 to 16/9/21
  • Term 4: 5/10/21 to 9/12/21

2. Training is on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6.30 to 7.30pm at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre.

3. There is an official AIDA competition (i.e., recognized in the Australian and International rankings) around week 9/week 10 of each term. See our Pool Freediving Competition for more details. Registration for the end of term AIDA Competition is included in your HPC fees. It is typically on a Sunday morning over a 4 hour period. Afterwards we meet for the after comp celebration at a local restaurant.

4. Training is structured and goal oriented towards the competition though of course you do not need to enter the competition. We agree with the old adage “A person without goals is like a ship in the ocean without a rudder”. Sometimes breath holding is difficult and we need goals to energize ourselves and to remain focused and motivated. We have found that people who enter the end of term comp improve the most.

5. All training involves a mixture of technique correction, and specific progressive fitness training over the term to maximize your freediving development. You will be challenged. Training is based on sound, safe, scientific principles of training.

6. Pre-requisite is AIDA 2 Pool Freediver Course (or equivalent certification) for all bifin training. Pre-requisite for all monofin training is AIDA Monofin course. These courses provide the foundation for the High Performance Coaching to build on and develop you as a freediver.

7. You must have your own freedive gear. A minimum is freediving mask/swimming goggles, pool freediving wetsuit (see our articles on the Best Male Pool Freediving Wetsuit or Best Female Freediving Wetsuit) snorkel, weight belt with plastic coated weights, and bifins/monofin. It also helps to have a nose piece if using swimming goggles. Freediving Gold Coast sell a wide range of equipment including pool freediving wetsuits.

8. Cost is $245 per term (including any required lane hire and registration for the end of term AIDA competition). This fee does not include pool entry. Because of the fitness and technique required to participate in these classes over the course of the term there is no casual or pro-rata entry fee. Please note that enrolments for the term close by the end of the second week of the term. Fees are non-refundable after Week 2.

9. While a member of HPC you are entitled to a special discount on all equipment advertised on our website and all DDD (Deep Dive Days). This special discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other special.

10. Any HPC freediver who enters the the end of term AIDA competition while enrolled on an AIDA 3, AIDA 4, or AIDA Instructor course will get recognition for prior learning of their performance during the competition. For example, if you compete in a  static competition and you exeed the course requirements for a static, then this is recognised as completion of that course requirement. As a result course discounts also apply.



  • Pre-registration for the end of term friendly competition (included in HPC fee):

    • $
  • Please choose your term starting date:



We strongly believe to improve performance in breath holding or apnea and the AIDA pool disciplines (see AIDA disciplines) you need regular pool training a minimum of two times per week. This is the main purpose of the High Performance Freediving Coaching program. The program uses structured, goal oriented training to improve underwater swimming technique, relaxation, CO2 tolerance, and fitness (primarily anaerobic endurance). If you want to improve performance in the depth disciplines you will ideally need to combine pool training with the advanced AIDA 3 & 4 courses. While people with natural talent can progress to AIDA 3 and 4 without training, our experience indicates that people who combine pool training with depth training progress faster and more confidently. Once you have achieved 35 to 40 metre depths you only need top ups with Deep Dive Days to maintain “readiness” (& protection against barotrauma injury) to dive deeper for the ultimate challenge. Our website at Freediving Competitions provides a list of competitions in and around Australia for those athletes looking for the motivation to test their personal limits, to take their freediving to the next level, and reach their full freediving potential. We welcome athletes from other sports including swimming, surfing, underwater hockey, and even synchronised swimming where High Performance Freediving Coaching focusing on increased breath hold ability and safe underwater training will help in cross training, safety and performance enhancement in their sport. Conditions: Unfortunately, please be advised no pro-rata arrangements are made for those who decide to come one night per week or miss classes. Term fees are non-refundable end of Week 2.