Snorkel Floats


Snorkel Floats

  • Improves freediver safety
  • Designed to fit over most snorkels (fits very easily over snorkels with a 2.5cm diameter). For tighter fits, a lubricant can assist application.
  • Protects your snorkel from sinking during preparation and relaxation phases.
  • Ideal for ocean diving and statics.
  • Available in a choice of black, blue, maroon,red, pink and yellow.
  • Made of durable neoprene.
  • Available only in Australia.


  • Please choose your snorkel float colour:


Snorkel Floats

Keep your snorkels afloat and allow yourself to dive deeper, safer and more efficiently without worrying about your snorkel dipping or going down with you during your descent. Perfect for improving the relaxation and preparation phases in the ocean as well as static breath holds in the pool.

Your choice of Snorkel Float Colours

Maroon Snorkel Float

Blue Snorkel Foat


Pink Snorkel Float

Red Snorkel Float

Black Snorkel Float

Yellow Snorkel Float