Pool Competition Safety Freediver


Pool Competition Safety Freediver


To enrol in this course an individual must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Have completed a minimum of AIDA 2 Pool Freediver certification or equivalent for the pool course and full AIDA 2 Freediver certification or equivalent for the depth course.
  • Have completed the AIDA Medical Form.
  • Have completed the Liability Release form.
  • Have completed the AIDA  Course Registration.


This one day course is to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to enable the student to act as a Pool Competition Safety Freediver in all AIDA pool competitions. The first component is knowledge development in the classroom. The student will learn and understand the role of the Pool Competition Safety Freediver in all AIDA pool discliplines (STA, DYN, DYNB and DNF) in relation to the current AIDA Regulations for International Freediving Competitions.  The second component is pool based practicing the important safety procedures in various simulation scenarios . Each component, classrrom or pool, is about 2 to 3 hours (depending on the number of students on the course). This freediving specialisation is typically offered just prior to one of our competitions (see our competition schedule) throughout the year. Please note special discounts apply for students who complete this specialisation and who also volunteer as Pool Competition Safety Freediver in one of our competitions. This is a great way to get competition experience as a Pool Competition Safety Freediver and save money.


Students have the option of upgrading this course to the full AIDA Competition Safety Freediver to also act as a Safety Freediver in all the AIDA depth discplines (CWT, CWTB, CNF, and FIM). If you are interested in acting as a Safety Freediver in depth competitions please choose the upgrade option. Please enquire if you are interested in this more comprehensive freediving specialisation qualification as dates will need to be organised around our Deep Dive Days. In addition to the classroom activities students will be expected in the ocean to:

  • Assist a competition diver during their entry in the competition zone, conduct an inspection of the diver’s safety equipment and assist them with putting on the official competition depth gauge.
  • Demonstrate appropriate safety procedures while conducting a rescue for a diver
    experiencing a black out at the surface under competition conditions.
  • Act as a safety freediver to the instructor during a CWT dive meeting the instructor at a depth between 15m and 20m and escorting them to the surface.
  • Conduct a rescue for a diver experiencing a black out at a depth of 15m under competition conditions.
  • Tow an inert freediver a distance of at least 25m on the surface.


On successful completion of the Pool Competition Safety Freediver course the student is awarded the AIDA Pool Competition Safety Freediver certification and is registered on the AIDA website Education Online System (EOS).

Medical Conditions

If you tick “Yes” to any medical conditions on the medical form you must see your General Practitioner prior to attending your course. Download Medical Form Here. Please complete the Medical Form and present to your Instructor at the beginning of your course.

    Safety Freediver training for depth will be organised around Deep Dive Days.