Pool Freediving Competitions


Pool Freediving Competitions

Freediving Gold Coast is proud to be hosting the Australian Freediving Games pool competitions in 2023 according to the following schedule:

16/7/23 Australian Freediving Games #1 hosted by Freediving Gold Coast

  • Event 1: Underwater Walking
  • Event 2: Underwater Swimming Bifins
  • Event 3: Team Underwater Walking 200m


17/9/23 Australian Freediving Games #2 hosted by Freediving Gold Coast

  • Event 1: Underwater Walking
  • Event 2: Underwater Swimming Bifins
  • Event 3: Team Underwater Walking 200m


December 2023: To be advised.


The Australian Freediving Games is a unique national competition format to encourage freedivers of all levels to participate in multiple fun events in a morning. The rules are modified rules from the major international bodies to encourage not only individual participation but also team participation with a focus on both safe breath holds and effective buddying in the team events. The events are easy to understand, and follow for both athletes and spectators. There are no penalties. Athletes are either successful in their performance or not (called a “Disqualification”). It is also an Open Competition. Any freediving instructor is welcome to apply to host and organise an Australian Freediving Games Competition. The Australian Freediving Games contains a number of freediving events and challenges which are determined by the host or organiser of the competition. Performances outside the designated event schedule may be allowed by the Competition organiser but all such performances are designated as “Exhibition” on the official lists and results on social media. The specific rules of events are discussed at the competition briefing. Videos and photos of previous performances can by found on the Australian Freediving Games Facebook and Instagram.

Events of the Australian Freediving Games to date include:

1, Underwater Walking Championships: Winner is the athlete that covers the most distance underwater carrying two 10kg kettlebells on a single breath.

2. Underwater Swimming Bifins Championships: Winner is the athlete that covers the most distance underwater using bifins on a single breath.

3. Team Underwater Walking 200m Championships: The winning team of 3 athletes must take turns carrying two 10kg kettlebells 200m underwater while maintaining appropriate safety standards in the shortest possible time.


Gold Coast Aquatic Centre

Marine Parade Southport QLD 4215

Entry Cost to venue is $6.40.

Briefing starts at 8.30am with the first competitor starting at 9.30am. The event finishes at 12.30pm. All athletes must be present for the briefing.

All pools are heated with an average pool temperature of about 28 degrees centigrade.

Competition Prerequisites

Each athlete must complete and submit the following documents by 5pm on the Sunday one week before the competition to email dive@freedivinggoldcoast.com.au:

  • Which event(s) they will be competing in.
  • Signed Medical Statement  Download Medical Form Here.
  • Liability Release signed and dated by the competitor. Download AIDA Liability Release Here.
  • Freediver Certification (AIDA2 Pool minimum or equivalent international certification if not certified by Freediving Gold Coast)

Failure to provide this documentation by 5pm on the Sunday one week prior to the competition will result in being unable to compete and forfeiture of the registration fee. Please note we do not accept hard copies of documents to simplify checking processes and storage of such documents.

Competition Structure

Competition briefing is at 8.30am on the day of the competition with the first competitor starting at 9.30am. A group photo will be taken at the conclusion of the briefing.

Individual events are spaced at about 9 minute intervals. Team events are conducted together at the end of the competition.


Registration is now open.

Athlete numbers are strictly limited so if you want to secure a spot, please register early. Once the event is fully registered, athletes will be put on the waiting list. Late registration within one week of the competition is possible depending on the wait list..

The Registration fee is $95. At the time of registration please indicate the events you would like to enter in order of priority. Every effort will be made to provide the number of events you wish to compete in but we cannot guarantee participation in all three events. This will depends on when you registered and the number of athletes in the competition.

If for some reason you decide to withdraw, our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • 100% refund 4 weeks prior to competition day.
  • 50% refund 2 weeks prior to competition day.
  • No refund less than 2 weeks prior to competition day.

Registration fee does not include pool entry ($6.40) transport to and from venue, and any food/drinks. Freediving Gold Coast is not responsible for any medical expenses, medical evacuation expenses, or hospitalization expenses incurred as a result of competing in the competition and any such expenses are the responsibility of the competitor and their own personal insurance.

  • Please select the competition you wish to enter.  Once registered you will be emailed confirmation with details of the competition and what events you would like to enter.



General Australian Freediving Games Regulations

The primary goal of the Australian Freediving Games is safety for all competitors as follows:

1. Athletes must be at least an AIDA 2 Pool Freediver or equivalent international certification.
Each athlete must be able to provide proof of certification of their freediving education/training equivalent to AIDA 2 Pool Freediver prior to the competition day. All athletes must be trained in freediving and breath hold activities by an International freediving certification organisation without exception and be able to provide evidence of this education/training.

2. An athlete cannot perform if he/she has blacked out during his/her warm up dive or any other prior event during competition.
A black out during the warm up is considered a black out and an athlete who has a BO during their warm up, will not be allowed to compete on that day. This rule also applies to all events. For example, an athlete that has a BO in event 1 will not be able to compete in any further events that day.

3. Withdrawal or cancellation from the competition is possible 24 hours prior to the start of the official briefing. The cancellation policy will apply. Withdrawal from the competition must be provided in writing by email. The athlete will then be removed from all event lists to be published on social media etc. Withdrawal from the competition within 24 hours of the briefing start time means the athlete is “Scratched” from the competition and “Disqualified” and this is indicated in all official competition lists and results on social media.

4. Similarly, failure to attend any event that the athlete has registered in without more than 24 hours notice prior to the briefing will also result in being “Scratched” and “Disqualified” from that event in all official competition results.

5. Please note all photos and videos taken by Freediving Gold Coast will not be released to competitors or support personnel. The best photos of the day will be released on Freediving Gold Coast Facebook and Instagram and made available to the Australian Freediving Games Facebook and Instagram. We do our best to take heaps or photos of you and share them on these platforms so you have mementos of this day.  Videos of record or best performances may be posted on Youtube. For obvious reasons, we do not release photos or videos of blackouts at all. If you would like photos or videos of your performances you will need to engage the services of your own coach or support people to do so.

Specific rules of events will be explained at the competition briefing.