Crater Lakes Freediving Retreats


Crater Lakes Freediving Retreats – Lake Eacham & Lake Barrine

The Best Place for Freediving

Our 7 day Crater Lakes Freediving Retreats provide almost perfect freediving conditions everyday surrounded by lush tropical rainforest creating a serene freediving experience. This is a special place with depths up to 65m; no currents; low winds; no swells; warm waters (from 23 to 28 degrees Celsius) and no boat traffic. On our Crater Lakes Freediving Retreats depth is easily achieved by swimming from the shore. Of course, the Crater Lakes are freshwater so you can leave half your dive weights at home. Our Crater Lakes Freediving Retreat is the ideal freediving environment for beginners to instructors to improve technique, and confidence to dive deeper and safer with regular training sessions in one of the most peaceful, tranquil freediving locations in Australia. In fact, we believe freediving in Lake Eacham and Lake Barrine is one of the best diving places in the world. It is a myth that you need to go overseas for depth training. It is right on our back doorstep and accessible within a day from almost anywhere in Australia. The beautiful Crater Lakes of Lake Barrine and Lake Eacham are located just one hour 15 minutes from Cairns Airport. That means less travel, fewer hassles (stopovers, immigration, transfers etc), and ultimately more freediving with better value for you.

Sightseeing the Crater Lakes & Surrounding Areas

No aspect of our Crater Lakes Freediving Retreat is mandatory. We encourage recovery days or only limited freediving on the Wednesday. This allows people to chill-out, socialise and sightsee. There are walking tracks around both lakes offering excellent opportunities to view wildlife such as turtles and birdlife. The Lake Eacham Circuit Track is 3km and the Lake Barrine Circuit Track is about 5kms. Not far away is one of the few places in Australia where it is possible to see platypus in the wild. Other popular sightseeing attractions include the Curtain Fig Tree, Millaa Millaa Falls, and Paronella Park. Why not bring your family so they can have a holiday too?

Crater Lakes Accommodation

About 10 minutes away from the Crater Lakes we have reserved some accommodation options including motel rooms (double bed + 2 singles) at $95 per night and self-contained cabins (double room + 2 singles with full cooking facilities) at $120 per night. The self-contained cabins are very suitable for sharing.  If you are interested in this latter option please contact us asap so we can connect you with other people who want to share.  Due to popular demand the self-contained cabins have limited availability so don’t delay if this is what you want.

Crater Lakes Freediving Retreat Schedule

Freediving Gold Coast is offering three Crater Lakes Freediving Retreats in June, September and November 2023 as follows:

  1. Crater Lakes Freediving Winter Retreat June 11 to June 17 2023
  2. Crater Lakes Freediving Spring Retreat September 3 to September 9 2023
  3. Crater Lakes Freediving Summer Retreat November 26 to December 2 2023

Each retreat is 7 days in duration starting on the Sunday and finishing on the following Saturday. We recommend arriving the day before (Saturday) and leaving the day after (Sunday). Therefore, you will need 8 nights accommodation. Each retreat provides up to 20 hours of depth training and students if they wish can complete freediving courses and certifications with the world’s governing body – AIDA (International Association for the Development of Apnea). Students can also cross-transfer from other international freediving education systems. This is all included in the price of $995. It is also perfectly fine if you just want a mix of depth training, sightseeing and chilling out and not worrying about any course criteria and certification stuff. We recommend a break and recovery from depth diving on the Wednesday.

2 Day and 3 Day Freediving Mini-Retreats

Pressed for time and you don’t want to miss out. We also offer special rates for 2 Day Freediving Mini-Retreats ($495) or 3 Day Mini-Retreats ($695) anytime during the full 7 day freediving retreat to give you the ultimate flexibility and the best value freediving retreat anywhere in Australia. Ideally, we would like to be able to certify you as AIDA 2 Freediver during the 2 Day Mini-Retreat or AIDA 3 Advanced Freediver during the 3 Day Mini-Retreat. If your preference is for a freediving mini-retreat then please contact us so we can arrange the best schedule to meet your needs and valuable time.

Special Discounts for Instructors and Assistant Instructors

Finally, we offer special discounts for Instructors and Assistant Instructors of any international freediving education agency. Please use the code “Instructor” at checkout to receive the special discount of $300 off the Retreat fee of $995. Why? We think this is the best depth training place in Australia because of its perfect conditions all year round. We want to encourage the best depth freedivers in Australia to join us, to challenge each other, compare notes, brainstorm training ideas and to achieve personal excellence and mastery. You guys know all the skills. You just need to practice, practice and more practice.

Medical Conditions

If you tick “Yes” to any medical conditions on the medical form you must see your General Practitioner prior to attending one of the Crater Lakes Freediving Retreats for medical approval to engage in freediving activities. Download Medical Form Here. Please complete the Medical Form and email it to Freediving Gold Coast prior to your first day of attendance on the Retreat.

By attending a Crater Lakes Freediving Retreat you agree you are capable of swimming non-stop for a minimum of 400m with fins, mask and snorkel.

Please note all prices are subject to change from July 1, 2023.

  • Crater Lakes Freediving Retreat Dates

    Please choose your Crater Lakes Freediving Retreat. You can either pay a non-refundable deposit ($300) now or the full fee ($995) now. Please note that any outstanding amounts must be finalised two weeks prior to the start of your chosen adventure.

    Accommodation Options

    Please choose your accommodation preference. All accommodation is in the same place so all freedivers are conveneintly located together. You can either pay a non-refundable deposit of $300 now or the full fee now for each type of accommodation. Please note that any outstanding accommodation amounts must be finalised two weeks prior to the start of your chosen adventure. We cannot guarantee share accommodation but we will connect you with other people who also want share accmmodation. We only have limited availablility of the cabins. 

    Specials for 2 Day and 3 Day Freediving Mini-Retreats

    Can't stay for 7 days? No problem. We offer reduced rates for 2 or 3 Day Freediving Mini-Retreats anytime during the full 7 day Crater Lakes Freediving Retreat. A 2 day freediving mini-retreat is $495 while a 3 Day freediving mini-retreat is $695. We will contact you to discuss this option and make it work for you. Please note that if you are choosing one of these MIni-Retreats do not choose the $300 deposit or the full 7 day rate above.

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Crater Lakes Freediving Retreats Terms & Conditions:

  1. All Crater Lakes freediving at Lake Barrine and Lake Eacham.
  2. AIDA 2, AIDA 3 or AIDA 4 courses and certification..
  3. Any crossover certifications from other international freediving education systems.
  4. Depth sessions, pool sessions and all practical components for AIDA Instructor courses (included in the AIDA Instructor course fee)
  5. The Crater Lakes Freedivng Retreat fee of $995 does not include any accommodation, transport, food/alcohol or other tourist attractions.
  6. The Crater Lakes Freediving Retreat fee of $995 does not include flight costs. If bookings are made well in advance then flights are typically from $230 return for departures from the Gold Coast, Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast.
  7. We do not provide wetsuits or any freediving rental gear for the Crater Lakes Freediving Retreats. We recommend 2 to 3 mm wetsuits in summer and 5mm wetsuits in winter. Freediving safety lanyards are mandatory for all depth diving. Both Octopus and Freexperience lanyards can be purchased from us.
  8. You must be a confident swimmer capable of swimming non-stop for a minimum of 400m with fins, mask and snorkel.To get the most from the experience we strongly recommend that freedivers engage in regular cardiovascular training prior to participation in Crater Lakes Freediving Retreats. Diving and swimming up to 4 hours per day is physically demanding.
  9. Once the deposit or full fee has been paid we will connect you with other freedivers to arrange share accommodation and transport if this is required. You will need a car. Public transport from Cairns airport, or taxis/Uber to and from the Crater Lakes is almost non-existent in the Atherton Tablelands. We recommend getting together with 2 other freedivers and renting a car at Cairns Airport. As a rough guide three people sharing a small car for this period of time is about $250 per person excluding petrol or insurance.
  10. A non-refundable deposit of $300 confirms your place on the Crater Lakes Freedivng Retreat with final payment to be made two weeks prior to the start of the Retreat. After that date deposits and all fees are non-refundable. Payments can be made online (in this section), by credit card (please phone with your details) or by bank transfer.
  11. We have listed some accommodation options for your convenience some 10 minutes from the Crater Lakes. This is not included in the Crater Lakes Freedivng Retreat fee of $995. All accommodation fees must be paid 2 weeks prior to the start of the Crater Lakes Freediving Retreat and are non-refundable.
  12. All pictures and videos are real and have not been manipulated in any way. We do not use stock photos anywhere on our website.

Freediving Gold Coast TV

This is overlooking the beautiful Lake Barrine from the Lake Barrine Teahouse. We think this is the best place for freediving in Australia 365 days per year. This is one of the most peaceful and serene freediving locations in the world.