Ultimate Dive Weights – PVC Coated 1kg


Ultimate Dive Weights PVC Coated 1kg

The Ultimate Dive Weights PVC Coated 1kg has the following qualities:

  • These PVC weights are made from 100% lead with a Black PVC coating.
  • Perfect for pools as the weights are less likely to damage the pool tiles and surrounding surfaces.
  • Environmentally friendly as the weights do not corrode in water because of the PVC coating.
  • Cost effective – These weights can be worn in both the pool and ocean which means that you don’t have to buy both uncovered and covered weights.
  • Attractive – Black PVC for use in ocean and pool
  • Fits well to either rubber or silicone freediving weight belts – the PVC adds stickiness to the belts holding the weights in place.
  • The 0.5kg and 1kg weights are the most streamlined weights.
  •  Special discounts apply to students on our freediving courses or part of HPC Program.
  • In store pick up only for the advertised prices.
  • Postage/freight costs to locations around Australia vary.  Remember weights are heavy! For example, to capital cities and up to 4 kg is $19.95. Please inquire for postage costs if you do not live on the Gold Coast or can’t pick up in-store. 
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Important Considerations When Purchasing Dive Weights for Freediving:

  • We recommend purchasing the smallest dive weights possible as these are the most streamlined. As a result we only sell 0.5kg and 1kg weights.
  • Will you use your dive weights in a pool? If so, you should purchase PVC coated weights. It is mandatory in most public pools to have dive weights with a plastic coating. We have seen some divers wrapping electrical tape around “raw” lead weights. It looks pretty tacky! If you intend to practice freediving in a pool get your dive weights PVC coated.
  • Our weights are in metric. Remember 1kg is 2.2lbs. If you are buying weights in pounds you may well be paying more for less weight.
  • Make sure you distribute your dive weights evenly around your freediving belt. If not, it can contribute to body rotation.
  • Consider using freediving neck weights for better neutral buoyancy in the pool and freefalling in the ocean.