Freediving Competitions

Freediving Gold Coast Club runs a number of regular freediving competitions throughout the year under the auspices of the Australian Freediving Games. We will be running the following competitions in 2023:

16/7/23 Australian Freedivng Games #1 BOOK HERE

17/9/23 Australian Freediving Games #2. BOOK HERE.

December 2023: To be advised.

We think the main advantages of freediving competitions are:

  • Helping freedivers set personal challenges in their freediving training to motivate themselves to test their own limits.
  • To help freedivers set regular goals, evaluate the effectiveness of their training, and keep on track in their freediving training..
  • Having fun and meeting other athletes from the growing world freediving community.
  • Helping freedivers learn the international competition rules of AIDA.
  • Providing valuable competition experience for freedivers who wish to challenge themselves against other freedivers in Australia and overseas.
  • Finding naturally talented freedivers, as part of our talent identification and education program, who with appropriate training, might become the next Australian Champion to challenge the best freedivers in the world.


Freediving Gold Coast’s AIDA Judges trained by JP Francois (AIDA World Championship 2019 Head Judge)