Clinton Laurence

Clinton Laurence is the Principal Freediving Instructor of Freediving Gold Coast. He is an AIDA Master Freediving Instructor (the only Australian Instructor at this higher level) and AIDA Judge (Level E) and has been teaching freediving for over 6 years. He believes that everybody who is comfortable in the water has the capacity to extend breath hold times and dive deeper safely. For him freediving is not about competition per se but more about overcoming personal limitations to achieve super relaxation of mind and body and applying these skills in our day to day life to better manage the pressure of modern living.

Clinton has always been interested in mind-body disciplines and this is reflected in his profession as a sport and clinical psychologist and prior pursuits of martial arts, in particular judo, karate and aikido where he has reached high degree black belts and competed at an international level.

Clinton brings a vast experience of physical and mental training to freediving. This is shown by:

  • A Bachelor of Human Movement Studies from the University of Queensland.
  • Joint First Class Honours in Psychology and Human Movement Studies from the University of Queensland.
  • Masters of Clinical Psychology from the Australian National University.
  • Consultant Psychologist to the Queensland Academy of Sport and the Australian Institute of Sport.
  • Full-time Lecturer for over 5 years at Griffith University School of Exercise Science teaching the subjects Exercise and Sport Behaviour, Sports Coaching, Exercise Assessment & Counselling, and the Psychology of Injury and Rehabilitation.
  • He now works in his private practice as a Clinical Psychologist at Parkside Medical on the Gold Coast and which is also the site for all freediving theory courses.

To have fun and safety on the water Clinton is also a qualified professional boat captain (Coxswains), a PADI EFR Instructor and a Pool Lifeguard.

For a more comprehensive list of these qualifications click on 100% Safety Commitment.

For those people interested in the numbers, Clinton is one of the current top depth Australian divers. He has dived to 60 metres in Free Immersion and 62 metres in Constant Weight. This can be verified on the website of the world record keeping body AIDA International. Click on this link to be redirected to their website. If your instructor is not listed on this website they have never entered an international competition though it should be emphasised that all AIDA International instructors must be able to dive to a minimum depth of 40 metres using bifins to be certified.


Clinton diving to 62 metres constant weight in the Singapore Depth Competition 22nd September 2018.

Clinton showing the tag after his 62 metre constant weight dive in the Singapore Depth Competition 2018.