Freediving Fins


Freediving Fins

  • We sell Leaderfins in pure carbon.
  • They are one of the few freediving fins in the world that come in a large range of foot sizes suitable for both females and males.
  • The foot pockets are made from soft and comfortable EPDM rubber.
  • Blade length is a standard 80cm.
  • Blade angle is 20 degrees (to help in streamlining).
  • An optional scratch resistant film protector can be added to either side of your fins.
  • We recommend females to choose the “soft” option regarding stiffness unless particularly strong or larger.
  • All Leaderfins have a one year warranty on materials.
  • Free postage for all locations in Australia.. We do not ship overseas. But please allow 7 to 21 days delivery time (this depends on what options you choose).


  • Please choose your freediving bifin style:

    • $

    Please choose your freediving bifin style:

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Pure Carbon Leaderfins