Jack Michael

Jack is an Assistant Instructor with Freediving Gold Coast, and 2 time New Zealand national record holder for the dynamic bi-fins pool discipline.  Jack was first introduced to freediving during a trip to the Gili Islands while putting off going home after an extended trip away in Africa and Eastern Europe, and was instantly hooked and rebooked his flights home to allow for more time diving.  

Jack has a background as a competitive swimmer when he was younger, and has always loved the ocean and being in and around the water. When he moved to Brisbane, he got involved with Freedive Gold Coast for the deep dive days, and started pool training with the Brisbane Bullsharks. The competitive side of the pool training kept him motivated between ocean dives, and he then completed his AIDA 4 Assistant instructor qualification with Freedive Gold Coast in April 2019.

Jack loves freediving because it’s a sport that pushes you physically and mentally past what most people know their body is capable of, and requires you to really understand your own body and mind to be able to succeed. It is just as much about self restraint as it is about pushing yourself, and that’s pretty unique.

Jack loves to see new freedivers accomplish things that they never thought possible, whether it’s through a static breath hold they didn’t think was possible, or diving to a depth that seemed unreachable before, and is planning to do his instructor training early 2020.

Jack also loves that freediving makes it easier to swim around chasing fishies and swimming after turtles while listening to the whales sing. The ocean is a pretty amazing place.