Jono Maher

Jono Maher is an AIDA 4 Master Freediver and Assistant Instructor with Freediving Gold Coast. I am also a tradesman working a full-time job in Brisbane and am always keen to get out on the boat and in the water for a training session whenever possible.

I have a background in SCUBA with dives numbering in the hundreds, my Rescue Certification and am also an ADAS Level 3 Commercial Diver so you can see I love the ocean and being a part of it. =)

I transitioned over to Freediving after Jack Michael introduced me to it whilst we were on a trip to Mexico diving in the Cenotes there.

I absolutely love the sheer challenge involved with Freediving and whether it be starting off learning to dive those first few metres or mastering the finer advanced techniques to achieve the deeper depths I love the fact that there is always pleasure to be had with nailing the little steps along the way.

There is no end in Freediving and it really is about the journey.

Freediving to me has also become a large influencing factor in my life and has led to me being more aware about a lot of things ie Food, Fitness and daily choices.

Someone once said to me “SCUBA is about looking out and Freediving is about looking in” and I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment.

With more awareness and making healthier decisions Freediving has led me to a more positive outlook and a more positive life in general.

I have begun to partake in competitive Freediving and am looking forward to setting new distances/times and bit by bit pitting myself against my past self.

I feel my future in Freediving is involved in the teaching side of it and I really enjoy the opportunity to pass on knowledge to any aspiring Freediver. The community is extremely helpful, and you can be but a question away from learning a new technique or finer nuance from any of the others involved in Freediving.