Freediving Masks – Ultimate Freediving Mask (Polycarbonate)


Ultimate Freediving Mask (Polycarbonate)

  • Mask designed for the practice of apnea.
  • Very low volume, low profile but excellent field of vision with curved lens.
  • Perfect for medium face.
  • Soft and comfortable black hypoallergenic silicone skirt.
  • Light weight
  • Black polycarbonate strapping. Buckles with quick adjustment.
  • Polyglass optics.
  • Free regular shipping in Australia. For overseas orders, please email us with your address and we’ll email you back with a quote.
  • Important: Avoid scratches by not using any cleanses on polycarbonate masks (e.g. do not use toothpaste – rinse in freshwater only).
  • Special discounts apply to students on our courses.


Ultimate Freediving Mask – Polycarbonate (a review)

This polycarbonate mask has quickly become one of our favourite masks for value and performance. To cut to the chase, if you love the Aqua Lung – Sphera – you’re going to love this mask(and so is your wallet). Also, if you like the Epsealon Cenote this mask is only slightly wider in profile but has the same excellent field of view. While there is a tendency also for polycarbonate masks to be appealing when they have anti-fog properties (as is the case with the Epsealon Cenote) – this mask does not have it, however, we’ve found that anti-fog is far more temporary than we like. Anti-fog, great while it lasts, falls somewhere between a ‘meaningful one-night-stand’ and a fleeting romance. So, the Ultimate Freediving Mask stacks up fine not having it. Slightly, every so slightly, wider than the Epsealon Cenote and Aqua Lung – Sphera. Perfect on a medium face. Petite faces need to try this on first, but a safer option on the smaller face is the Ultimate Freediving Mask (Glass). Again, if you love Aqua Lung’s – Sphera – what are you waiting for?