Ultimate Freediving Polycarbonate Mask


Ultimate Freediving Polycarbonate Mask

The Ultimate Freediving Polycarbonate Mask has the following qualities:

  • Mask designed for the practice of freediving.
  • Very low volume, and low profile.
  • Curved lens giving 120 degrees field of vision.
  • Soft and comfortable black hypoallergenic silicone skirt.
  • Light weight
  • Black silicone strap with buckles for quick adjustment.
  • Polycarbonate or resin lens with anti-UV and anti-fog properties.
  • We believe it fits 90% of faces.
  • This polycarbonate mask has quickly become one of our favourite masks for value and performance.
  • If you love the Aqua Lung Sphera – you’re going to love this mask (and so is your wallet).
  • Free regular shipping in Australia. For overseas orders, please email us with your address and we’ll email you back with a quote.
  • Important: Avoid scratches by not using any cleanses on polycarbonate masks (e.g. do not use toothpaste).
  • Special discounts apply to students on our freediving courses. Try before you buy by renting one of our masks.


Important Considerations When Purchasing a Mask

  • It is often recommended to try on a mask in the store to see if it fits – that is, sticks to your face with an effective air-tight seal. This is a reasonable test but we have found that this is not indicative of the water tightness of a mask at depth.
  • Often purchasing a mask is an experiment in trial and error to see if it fits your face and it does not leak.
  • There is no correlation between the amount you pay for a mask, it’s brand and it’s water tightness. A cheap mask can be as effective as an expensive mask.
  • Of course, as you descend the mask including the skirt pushes against your face. This is not replicated in a store when trying on a mask.
  • In fact, it is important to have a comfortable fit with a mask at the surface. Do not try to have a tight fit in order to keep water out. This often reduces the effectiveness of the mask seal and causes “mask squeeze” as you descend.
  • We believe the masks we sell will be effective in comfortably fitting more than 90% of faces.
  • A beard or moustache can interefere with the seal of a mask. Some freedivers use petroleum jelly on their beard to increase the seal. We just think it is easier to shave.
  • Most masks are touted as having some anti-fog resistance. This might be so when the mask is first purchased. Generally, any anti-fog properties do not last in a mask.
  • If you want anti-fog properties in a mask use Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo Conditioner. It is Ph neutral, doesn’t sting the eyes (much) is very effective for about 1.5 to 2 hours in the water and is much cheaper than the dive store bought concoctions.   You only need one drop on each lens. Best prepared well before diving so it drys and sticks to the lens.
  • All new masks with glass lenses will need to be cleaned with a gentle abrasive substance such a toothpaste. Do not do this on polycarbonate or plastic lenses. You can buy dive specific concoctions for this task but toothpaste is just as effective for this simple, often one off task.