Grant Faber

Grant Faber is an Assistant Instructor with Freediving Gold Coast. He leads a typically busy modern life, juggling family and work commitments, while still making time to pursue his personal interests. With this perspective Grant understands there isn’t always time to get everything right, and that small victories and continuous progress add up over time.

For Grant, freediving provides an opportunity to still the mind, focus on the present, and build mental resilience. The biggest challenge Grant faces in freediving is shared by many, that is finding deep relaxation and understanding that the body is extremely capable, despite what the mind keeps saying.
“Freediving offers moments of calm and clarity among the storms of daily life.”
Grant is passionate about health and fitness, advocating consistent exercise with its proven long term benefits. As a result he is keenly interested in the role of nutrition and functional training on freediving performance, and their positive contributions to life outcomes in general.
Helping others achieve their own goals in a safe and enjoyable way drew Grant to the role of assistant instructor; while his training approach aligns well with the ethos of Freediving Gold Coast, making it a natural fit. Grant also hopes to one day work with the AIDA Youth Program, training young divers in safe water practices.
In addition to freediving you’ll find Grant training at his local CrossFit box, following the same philosophy of continuous personal improvement in a supportive and constructive environment. So if you find yourself training with Grant be sure he’ll work with you to achieve your best on the day, whatever that best means to you.
While Grant is competitive by nature and enjoys the thrill of improving his performance in the pool and depth disciplines, he also likes nothing more than cruising around a reef with family and friends, shooting poor quality video footage to share online and laugh about later.