FreeXperience Wrist Lanyard (Black)


Freediving Lanyards by FreeXperience

  • Ideal safety equipment for deeper diving, poor visibility conditions or competitions.
  • Simple quick release mechanism for attachment to the freediving rope.
  • Can be worn around the wrist or ankle for Constant Weight or Free Immersion Disciplines.
  • One size fits all because of the simple but durable velcro attachment.
  • It is compliant with AIDA standards and rules so ideal for competition use.
  • 90cm cable length and total length 118cm from wrist connection to end of carabiner.
  • Tests performed with a Lloyd LRX Plus materials testing machine with 2.5 kN load cell show breaking points for the cable of 170kgs; full lanyard of 140kg; and wrist band of 255kg.
  • The FreeXperience wrist lanyard is the only company we know that provides safety specifications for its lanyards.
  • Aluminium carabiner (weight of 149 grams) for attaching to freediving rope.
  • Free regular postage for all locations in Australia.(for orders under 500g weight). Please contact us for prices for Express delivery.
  • Special discounts for students who are on courses with Freediving Gold Coast.
  • Please choose an aluminium or heavier steel carabiner: