Octopus Wrist Lanyard – White / Black


  • The Octopus lanyard is a mix of safety, efficiency and comfort.
  • Made using only high-quality components, from the super-light carbon composite polymer carabiner, to the 100cm plastic-coated stainless steel cable, and the strong water-resistant marine-graded polyester velcro wristband.
  • All components ensure a super-light and hydrodynamic lanyard, while remaining extra strong for your safety.
  • The wristband also includes an innovative easy-grab tag, for added ease of quick-release use.
  • Designed and tested by Swiss record-holder Pascal Berger (-131m VWT – Variable Weight).
  • Made in Switzerland, for a quality you can trust.
  • Includes Free Shipping to all major capital cities in Australia. For express deliveries, please contact us.


Wristband : 100% polyester with high quality nylon velcro 
Wire and all metal parts : stainless steel SS216
Carabiner : carbon composite



Please be advised that all Deep Dive Day freedivers who dive with us must have their own quality lanyard. It is also compulsory in all AIDA International competitions to wear a quality lanyard.