Matt Louden

Matt walking underwater at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre

Matt Louden is an Assistant Instructor with Freediving Gold Coast. He discovered freediving after a knee injury that limited his ability to surf, and wanted to connect back to the water and ocean. He is a high school teacher, and has found freediving to be an amazing way to let go of busy life and simply get present to the world around him no matter how the day went.

Having discovered the pool disciplines of freediving, Matt loves the fitness, relaxation, mental challenge and discipline that is the sport of freediving, and is excited to see what the future holds.

“Freediving gives me the clarity that I often lose in my busy life, and helps me come back to myself, slow down and be present to the joys of life. Even the most challenging sessions give me something I didn’t have prior, whether it be understanding and acceptance, or excitement and a sense of accomplishment”

Matt loves breath-work, meditation and keeping healthy which all are complimented by freediving for fun or competitively. His future goals are to inspire others, largely motivated by his young son, of what is possible in the human body and how to use our mind and body as a way to manage stress, anxiety and life as we know it and still succeed in our personal goals. Keep an eye out in 2020 and beyond!