Rebecca Lo

Rebecca worked as a landscape designer in Hong Kong for 4 years. After her first encounter with freediving, she was fascinated by the moment of reconnecting with water – the basic element of life which somehow disconnected from human evolution. Diving with mindfulness and rhythm in every single breath allowing the mind takes control over our body, that’s when we can hear our own heart beat and experience a deep state of calm and peace in the vast silent ocean, and being able to stay truly in the moment. Rebecca believes freediving is not only a way to understand ourselves and explore the power of mental focus but also a healing tool for stress and anxiety in the modern society.

In early 2018, she decided to leave the urban city life to focus on learning and training with AIDA Instructor Trainer and German Champion Stefan Randig. Since then she has been training divers in the Philippines and Hong Kong. In July 2018, Rebecca became an AIDA Instructor and started teaching. She looks forward to sharing the underwater joy with all ocean lovers.

Rebecca has extensive Competition Safety Diver experience in the Asian Freediving Cup (June 2018), Korean Cup (July 2018), Freedive Panglao Mini-Competition (July 2018), Japan Freediving Cup (September 2018), Philippine Depth National Championships (May 2019) and the Asian Freediving Cup (June 2019). She has previously taught freediving courses for the Borderless Freediving Association in Hong Kong (Aug to Nov 2019) and Freedive Panglao in the Philippines (July 2018 to August 2019). She brings unique experiences and knowledge as an AIDA Instructor to Freediving Gold Coast.