Freediving Specials

Welcome to the premier freediving school in south east Queeensland. We run weekly courses from our specialised freediving boat to help you learn the skills of freediving deeper, freer and safer and achieving certification with the world’s leading freediving organisation, AIDA International. On completion of your course you will be sent an invitation to join the Gold Coast Feediving Club. Our current freediving specials are below.

Complimentary 3mm Neoprene Vest & Hood Combo

Throughout winter we are offering all students on our Ocean Freediver courses the complimentary use of a 3mm neoprene vest and hood to keep you cosy warm and comfortable. Add this under one of our 5mm rental wetsuits to give you 8mm of insulation around your torso.


What is it like to do a freediving course with Freediving Gold Coast?