Internationally Recognised Freediving Certification

Freediving Gold Coast guarantees that all students are being trained in the gold standard of international freediving education and freediving certification. On completion of courses, students receive certification with the largest freediving certifying organisation in the world – AIDA International (Association for the Development of Apnea). AIDA sets the international standards for world record setting, competition, education and safety for recreational and competitive freedivers. You can feel confident that your freediving certification is recognised anywhere in the world – above and below the surface – to dive deeper, freer & safer.

An independent evaluation of freediving organisations in 2013 by Deeper Blue found that AIDA International was the “clear leader” because they have had an education program in place since 1999. For more information on the results of this survey click here. Clearly, this information is now a little dated but we see little reason to dispute their findings for the top three freediving organisations in the world.

Be aware of marketing campaigns by businesses that make such claims that their particular organisation is a leader in freediving education, freediving certification or is globally and internationally recognised. Do your research. What is the background of these organisations? Where did the people behind these organisations get their freediving qualifications or experience? Where did they get the information to develop their own courses? In fact, many freediving organisations were set up by former AIDA Instructors who simply copied (with alterations of course) the education syllabus of AIDA.  To our knowledge, AIDA is the only organisation directing part of its income (remember that it is “non-profit”) into further freediving research.  We challenge any freediving organisation to provide evidence of the monies directed to freediving research and we will gladly acknowledge and publish their research efforts on this website.  In particular, we welcome peer reviewed research articles from scientific journals on any aspect of freediving physiology, biomechanics and psychology.


Ask about becoming an AIDA Freediving Instructor or Assistant Instructor today and the path to follow in achieving these goals.